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window cleaning
We’re an independent business, based in Elston, near Newark, serving Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire areas.

We keep your windows, gutters, roof - and the environment - in mind at all times. Our services are perfect for anyone looking for chemical-free window cleaning to roof treatment and performed by a reliable team.

About us

Pole Fed Pure Water System

window cleaning

By using the Pole Fed System, it enables us to clean effectively from the ground, all windows including "Velux", fascia boards, doors, frames, sills and garage doors. 
Pure Water is pumped up a telescopic pole to a soft brush on the end. Dirt is then heartily scrubbed from your frames, glass and sills then left to dry naturally since pure water dries without leaving any marks.

Vacuum Gutter Clearing

with CCTV

Gutter cleaning


Operating from the ground, enabling access to areas that can't be reached by ladder.
We use a very powerful pole system vacuum - guided by a CCTV camera.
This permits the removal of the year's build up of moss, leaves and other Biomass.
All the waste is sucked directly into the machine leaving no mess to clear up at the end.

Water is forced at high pressure through the surface cleaner in a rotary movement. This enables a regular and constant action that thoroughly dislodges even the most stubborn dirt.
Unlike a "Jet wash" there is no projection of the residual dirt onto nearby areas, leaving your drive or patio in pristine condition.

High Pressure Surface Cleaning

Patio cleaning
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Solar Panel Cleaning

solar panel cleaning

Roof Cleaning 

Moss Removal & Coating

Commercial Window & Cladding Cleaning

Cladding cleaning


roof cleaning
conservatory cleaning

Window, Gutter, Conservatory, Roof, Solar panel, Patio Cleaning...


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